ShareThis Adds 'Domain Access Manager' for Analytics Sharing


At ShareThis, we like to celebrate occasions. And to celebrate the first day of March, (Seems like as good an occasion as any) we are going to do just that by launching a feature called ‘Domain Access Manager’. In a nutshell, it allows publishers to share access to their analytics with other ShareThis users.

This addresses two of the user requests that we have received the most over the last few months

1. A domain is being managed or monitored by multiple users (eg: different employees within a company).

Solution: Just login to your account and click on Domain Access Manager on the right hand side navigation. Add the email address (either of an existing ShareThis user or someone you would like to invite) and you are done. If they are an existing user, they will have access to  the domain analytics when they log in. And if they are not currently a ShareThis user, they will receive an invite asking them to register with ShareThis and get access to your domain.

2. A user is managing multiple domains (eg: a company might own many domains).

Solution: Just ask the domain owner (who registered the domain with us) to grant permissions (as described above) to one of your accounts for each of those domains. And next time you log in, you will see links to view the analytics dashboard for all those domains. You can also toggle between different domains in the analytics dashboard for quicker navigation.

Hope this makes your lives a tiny bit easier. Let us know what you think – comments, suggestions, feedbacks, compliments, criticism – send them all to us at or Facebook or Twitter.

Happy “20 days until Spring” day,

-ShareThis, Inc.

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