Weekly Top Shares, 7-27-12

Dear Marissa Mayer, Make Flickr Awesome Again
Have you heard? Longtime Google executive Marissa Mayer quit her job and is now Yahoo’s newest chief. She’s pregnant, too. With a baby on the way and an Internet company in desperate need of revival, Mayer has a lot to take care of in the upcoming months. While some are waiting to see her either succeed or stumble, others are taking an active approach, shouting their requests for Mayer out into cyberspace. DearMarissaMayer.com, one such demand, devotes its entire one-page site to beg, in gigantic typeface, for a resurrection of Yahoo’s image and video hosting website Flickr. Have a proposal of your own? Use the hashtag #dearmarissamayer. But Mayer seems pretty busy lately, so no guarantees that she’ll see your message.

The 6 People You Need in Your Corner
“Nothing incredible is accomplished alone,” Forbes contributor Jessica Hagy writes. Even the most talented need help from others to reach ultimate success, Hagy says, and there are six essential components of an ideal squad. Who’s missing from your circle? Maybe it’s a Taskmaster, the “momentum expert” who makes sure you meet every deadline. Or how about the Cheerleader – your biggest fan, who reminds you of your fantastic achievements, big or small? And don’t forget the Doubter, the one who asks the difficult but necessary questions, foreseeing problems before they arise. Once you’ve created your dream team, get out there and accomplish the impossible.

Top Ten Things Obama Has Not Released
As the presidential election inches closer, voters – both red and blue – are calling into question the trustworthiness and competence of the candidates, and conservative news and opinion aggregator Breitbart.com is no exception. This article, by Joel Pollak, deplores the “volumes” of information the incumbent candidate hasn’t released to the public. The author compiles a top ten list of unrevealed items – Obama’s book proposal, Fast and Furious documents and academic transcripts, to name a few – and calls the president a liar with “no shame.” But, as a handful of readers commented, how important are these documents to broader issues like, say, the economy? There may be more pressing matters to worry about.

Can two bedrooms make one happy marriage?
One in four couples sleep in separate bedrooms, the National Sleep Foundation reports. If your partner snores or violently tosses and turns while you’re trying to snag quality shuteye, you may find it best to go your separate ways at night, too. This Match.com article offers advice on maintaining intimacy with your partner, even if you sleep in different beds. Some tips include making sure to emphasize cuddling during the day, avoiding getting caught up in the daily grind and engage in “pillow talk” whenever possible.

RH Reality Check
How I Lost My Fear of Universal Health Care
The Obamacare court decision was weeks ago, but the debate around universal medical care lives on. In this article on RH Reality Check, a news and commentary website that covers reproductive and sexual health issues, former “diehard Republican” Vickie Garrison chronicles her transformation from a determined opponent of government regulated healthcare to an almost-wholehearted fan of the system. Garrison moved to Canada in 2008, fearful of and “disgusted” by the country’s publicly funded healthcare. However, when she became pregnant the following year and experienced universal healthcare firsthand, her attitudes changed. Whether you believe in universal coverage or not, this article brings to light the complicated decisions that many consumers of medical care must face.

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