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Top Shares 12-23-2013 Monday marks key healthcare deadline Today is the final day that the federal and state health exchange will be open for citizens to sign up for coverage beginning January 1, 2014. Those who are used to having coverage are aware of the date, and want to ensure that they’re healthcare remains the same, however Read more…


Leveraging Social to Drive Content Engagement

Facebook’s announcement of changes to the algorithm for stories promoted in their news feed is indeed good news for publishers and many of them report that they have been seeing increasingly strong traffic referral growth as a result. None too surprising news for sites that spend the bulk of their time and resources generating high quality Read more…


CPG Update: Scoring a Spot at the Thanksgiving Table

Festivities are officially in full swing as we approach the onset of this year’s holiday season. This means one thing for consumers: endless shopping and too many decisions. So how can retailers ensure that they’re targeting and effectively influencing their audience before the celebrations begin?


Building MVC Using Backbone.js

If you are a front-end software engineer, you may have heard of or already adopted Model-View-Controller (MVC) to your application. Now, this design pattern becomes web development standard. Model is the core of the application, including application data, algorithm and all the functions, and notifies its state to View. View is the representation of the Read more…


Super Bowl Advertising: Thinking Beyond the 30-Second Spot

Super Bowl ad prices are on the rise. And why shouldn’t they be? For $4 million, advertisers have a shot at blasting their message out to roughly 110 million Americans, many of whom are tuned in as much for the ads as for the game itself. But with most major brands clamoring for even just Read more…


Shared Conversations Series

Volume 1 Issue 1 We are launching a new content series that will delve into the innovative practices that industry leaders are using to navigate the nexus of consumer engagement, brands and technology. We view industry collaboration as a vital step in uncovering the most valuable and successful approaches to driving true consumer engagement. The Read more…


Top Shares, 11-4-2013 Paralympic Athlete Josh Sundquist Scores Again With Latest Creative Halloween Costume Josh Sundquist, a paralympic athlete, went for the gold this year with his Halloween costume. When he was only 9, Josh’s left leg was amputated due to his battle with cancer. Not only did he turn what many would see as completely debilitating Read more…


Consumer Sharing Trends Report

Today, ShareThis released the first quarterly Consumer Sharing Trends Report that analyzes consumer sharing behavior across 120+ social channels. The Q3 report offers insights into where and how people are engaging with content online and demonstrates the need to pay attention to platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest, which are growing faster than Facebook, Twitter and Read more…


All About How People Share On Pinterest

Pinterest, the social bookmarking site used to discover new ideas and gain inspiration, is quickly emerging as a highly active and social platform with 15% growth in sharing during the month of August. ShareThis did some research around how users are engaging with the social media platform, and how it compares with other channels.

ShareThis mobile solutions

SendGrid VS WhatCounts API Analysis

Sending a single email is simple. Sending relevant, personalized and non spammy emails to thousands and millions of your users is lot more challenging. Instead of building our own email delivery and management system, we looked at existing companies who do this for a living. Two names kept popping up again and again in conversations Read more…