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iOS SDK Testing with GHUnit and OCMock

Automated unit and integration tests (coupled with continuous integration) are a fundamental part of the Socialize SDK. While “test-driven development” is a common buzzword these days, we do more than pay lip service to it. With the iOS variant of the SDK, that involves using a mock object testing framework. What’s a Mock Object? As Read more…


Top Shares, 8-20-2013 The Rise of the New New Left Bill de Blasio’s victory in the NY Democratic primary may indicate more than just a local political race, but a noticeable movement in American political ideology. The past three decades US politics have been comprised of Reaganism and Clintonism, but as we look to the future a Read more…


DigitasLBi and ShareThis Partner to Activate Social Solutions in Real-Time

Social media has redefined the advertising landscape, giving rise to a greater need for meaningful and relevant digital advertising. Brands want and need to be a part of the conversations consumers are having across social channels, but struggle to keep up with the real-time nature of social media. Today, ShareThis and DigitasLBi are announcing a Read more…


ShareThis’ Isaac Mosquera Talks With ClickSoftware About Cloud Strategy

Isaac Mosquera, Director of Mobile at ShareThis, discussed cloud strategy and traditional hardware with ClickSoftware, a mobile workforce solution company. A common misconception with the cloud is that it’s more expensive than running your own infrastructure. If you solely look at the hardware costs to compare with traditional datacenter costs then you’re not taking into Read more…


Top Shares, 9-13-2013 50 Shades of Grey Has its Christian Grey! Find Out Who Will Play Him HERE! The E.L. James trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey, took the world by storm (particularly the female population) through its provocative and fantasizing content. The books have been signed on to become movies, and the question on every woman’s mind Read more…


The Social Traffic Anatomy

The publisher industry lives by a set of critical KPIs, and at the top of this list are pageviews and audience size. Social visitors are a highly praised audience that directly impact these KPIs, as they tend to be more involved with your content and they socialize it through sharing it with friends. The question Read more…

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Connecting the World: One Mobile App at a Time

The annual Comic-Con phenomenon has come and gone this year, and the floods of comic book fanatics and superhero enthusiasts have vacated the streets of San Diego, until next year that is. Among the hoards of comic and sci-fi fans that attended, most were strangers — not just because their costumes concealed their identities, but Read more…


Top Shares, 8-16-2013 Worthless Fitness Tips You Probably Follow With new research constantly coming out, how are we supposed to know if our daily health routines are up to date, or even effective? We learn practices from so many different sources, it is impossible to know what’s right and what’s a waste of time. Check out this Read more…


A Tale From Data Driven Product Management

I am not going to praise data driven product management. That’s not because I do not believe in it. On the contrary, I think that using data to make product decisions should be a given. What I am going to write about is how data can be surprising.


In Memoriam

I have been CEO at ShareThis for almost two years. It has been a very rewarding and exhilarating experience. We are building a great and fast growing business at ShareThis and having a ton of fun. It is almost a cliche in the tech space but that is because it is true – we have a great team. At almost 100 strong we have doubled the team over the last year or so. The ShareThis family is filled with smart, passionate and enthusiastic individuals.