In July 2014, we released our Q2 Consumer Sharing Trends Report along with the key takeaway: mobile sharing growth continues. In our latest Q4 2014 Consumer Sharing Trends Report, we’ve found that mobile sharing grew even more in the second half of the year. Since January 2014, overall mobile device sharing activity increased 28%. Much of this growth was driven by tablets, which experienced a 49% lift over last year and now represent 15% of total sharing activity. We can only expect tablet sharing to increase as the tablet market expands and more value-priced tablets enter the marketplace. (more…)


Facebook Users Dare to Share More

Despite rumors popping up every so often that some people may be cutting back on Facebook usage, the social network reigns supreme.


Social Sharing Trends in 2014

Facebook continues to be the dominant social platform for content sharing, per the latest quarterly report from ShareThis, an unsurprising result given its popularity among American adults.

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Women in Business Q&A: Yan Qu, VP of Data Science, ShareThis

Yan Qu is VP of Data Science and Chief Scientist at ShareThis, where she leads the data science initiatives. She has designed Social Quality Index (SQI) – and unique metric for valuing the social activity that occurs around online content. SQI won the Adweek Project Isaac Award and has been adopted by major ad agencies for media planning purposes.


Facebook dominates social sharing

ShareThis’s analysis of the sharing behavior of more than 2 million U.S. consumers from over 3 million websites and apps found that, in Q4 2014, Facebook dominated with 81% of social shares. That’s a rise of 8.2% on January 2014, and leaves the other channels in the dust.


2015: The Year We Make Data Personal

Over the past decade we have witnessed an internet revolution, complete with cross device capabilities, social media platforms and exponential amounts of data resulting from these interactions. The next chapter in this digital story is brands and publishers understanding how to make that data actionable, and create real value for their customers. In 2014 we Read more…

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Shared Conversations with Greg Isenberg

This month’s Shared Conversations is with Greg Isenberg, Founder and CEO of 5by, recently acquired by StumbleUpon. Greg first got the idea for 5by, a personalized video curation app, from his own personal experience of being inundated with low quality video content and wanting to be able to seamlessly find the videos that interested him. Read more…


ShareThis Looks at Dark Social

‘Dark Social’ has been a buzz word in the industry lately as well as a major problem for publishers. The term, coined by Alexis Madrigal, a senior editor at The Atlantic, back in 2012, refers to the referral traffic to publisher sites that is likely coming from social sources yet lacks explicit source attribution. In Read more…


Taylor Swift Steals the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Move over Angels! Taylor Swift was the real angel last night at the Victoria’s Secret runway show. It’s no secret her performances were eye catching and her tall and slender model’s physique definitely didn’t hurt. Swift was the most talked about celeb last night, outsharing Karlie Kloss, the most talked about angel from last night, Read more…


Datalogix Acquisition?

According to a recent article, Datalogix, a consumer data collection company of both online and offline data, is actively pursuing a sale of its business. Nielsen is considered the most likely buyer. Steve Hasker, global head of Nielsen, has expressed the company’s interest in tapping into additional data sets that would provide richer audience data. Read more…

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Cyber December and the Year of Mobile

It wasn’t long ago when Black Friday and Cyber Monday were the two busiest days for retailers and brands alike. However, with the changing landscape of consumer buying habits along with the increasing competition among brands to engage with and entice consumers, what was once a single weekend of frenzied shopping is turning into an Read more…