Shares surrounding events are 5x more likely to draw clickbacks within 24 hours. That’s a huge opportunity for marketers considering RTM strategies. Connecting with the right audiences at the right time allows marketers to tap into major swells in social engagement. But as we’ve found, RTM isn’t a “set it and forget it” affair. Sharing patterns around certain events can’t be predicted any more than the events themselves can be predicted. That’s why it’s especially important to rope in audience segmentation and media delivery with your RTM strategies, not just messaging.



Facebook dominates social channel sharing : report

ShareThis has released its quarterly report detailing how consumers propagate information after notable events have occurred. The report looked at events from July to September 2014 and finds that, contrary to expectations, Twitter is not the dominant channel for sharing information over time.


5 Tips for Creating Engaging Social Content Around Big Events

Brands love to insert themselves in conversations about hot topics, taking advantage of broadcast events, viral trends, and buzz-worthy news. Sometimes, it works out great. Other times… not so much. Most of the time, the difference between success and failure is planning. While engaging audiences in real time does involve making some impromptu decisions, there are ways to prepare and strategize for creating social content around major events.


Top Shares 10-3-2014 Well That Escalated Quickly – TX Health Officials Now Admit 100 Residents May Have Been Exposed to Ebola After the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa many feared that the virus would travel across the waters and break the barriers of the US — and it has finally happened. There is one confirmed case of Read more…

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How Social Said Good-Bye to Derek Jeter

Last week we said goodbye to Derek Jeter, the most valuable baseball player of our generation. Jeter’s farewell tour consisted of emotional TV spots, candid interviews, and magazine photo shoots, and the Internet exploded in celebration of his legacy. We looked at Jeter sharing over the past few weeks, focusing on Gatorade’s ‘Made in New Read more…

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ShareThis Presentation for NewCo’s Yahoo Content Series

Last year we really enjoyed opening our office up to OpenCo and revealing how we think and work as well as how we see technology transforming the world we live in. We ended with a look at “2023″ and what all that may mean over the next decade. This year, after we were asked to present again Read more…


Shared Conversations Series with Andy Monfried

For September’s Shared Conversation series, we sat down with Andy Monfried, CEO of Lotame, the Data Management Platform (DMP). The seven-year-old business focuses on managing huge amounts of data on behalf of publishers, agencies and brands. Lotame’s platform helps clients collect, organize and activate data to drive business results. Andy discusses his interpretation of “big Read more…


Top Shares 9-25-2014 Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike Sparks Fly in First ‘Gone Girl’ Clip (Video)  The infamous book is shortly premiering in theaters with Ben Affleck, and semi-newcomer Rosamund Pike. There are conflicting views on the trailer, but viewers agree that the two stars are smoldering in this first clip. Do you think the movie will Read more…

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Compression & Data Format for Log File Storage

Every technology company is now storing logs for future processing. The easy advice is to use compression and make sure logs are complete and usable by everyone. But what compression format should these log files be in? There is a bewildering range of compression options – LZ0, Snappy, Gzip, Bzip2 etc., and multiple formats in Read more…