We typically don’t think of the finance vertical as a ripe environment for social media strategies; the consensus has often been that social technologies are vastly underutilized by financial services firms. However, the potential use cases for social technologies and the sharing economy in the financial marketplace are plentiful, ranging from relationship management to brand development to collaboration and communication within the enterprise. (more…)

social media super bowl

Patriots Win the Social Bowl

If you watched the game on Sunday you probably felt one of two emotions: triumphant elation or deep, crushing disappointment. Either way, the Big Game was an eventful day for fans and brands alike, generating more social activity than any other sporting event to date. Here’s how the game stacked up for sharers.


Climate Change and Net Neutrality Will be Top of Mind for Democrats in 2016

The social web has certainly evolved since Obama won the second term. Social networks have evolved to take on a much more meaningful scope in people’s lives. Voters certainly haven’t been shy about expressing their political opinions on social media, either; there are over 11 million politics-related social signals occurring on social networks every day. Read more…


Why We Picked Cassandra For Big Data

Easy scale-outs, high write throughputs, and lower costs were key, but Cassandra does have its limitations. Like good carpenters, data engineers know that different tasks require different tools. Picking the right tools — and knowing how to use them — can be the most important part of any job. Here’s how we settled on Cassandra Read more…


We Went to Digital Content Next, Here’s What We Thought

Digital Content Next (DCN–and formerly the OPA) Summit continues to be one of the best publisher/industry events out there. The organization has a limited number of non-publisher members, of which we are proud to be one. There are 100 or so of the top digital publishers (content producers) and only a handful vendor attendees–offering an Read more…


Patriots Take an Early Win on Social

What happened last year? Mobile proved to be a major driver of timely engagement. In the week before and after an event, mobile devices drive 72% of total sharing – which is 33% higher than average. Within 24 hours of a major event, 85% of sharing activity occurs on mobile devices, 58% greater than average. Read more…


Q4 2014 Consumer Sharing Trends Report

In July 2014, we released our Q2 Consumer Sharing Trends Report along with the key takeaway: mobile sharing growth continues. In our latest Q4 2014 Consumer Sharing Trends Report, we’ve found that mobile sharing grew even more in the second half of the year. Since January 2014, overall mobile device sharing activity increased 28%. Much Read more…


2014 Sharing Year in Review

2014 was without a doubt an eventful year, and the social web has taught us a lot about all that’s happened. Whether it’s learning that mobile has officially gone from second screen to the screen, or that Kim Kardashian’s major assets actually have nothing on the Rosetta Comet Landing, social sharing has definitely given us Read more…

online publishing

Shared Conversations with Walter Knapp

This month’s Shared Conversations is with Walter Knapp, CEO at sovrn, the company that helps publishers better understand and engage their readership. Walter has seen sovrn through its early days as Lijit Networks and its merger with Federated Media.  The company is experiencing an exciting time with an upcoming platform re-launch that has evolved to Read more…


People Still Share Most of Their Content on Facebook (Twitter? Not so Much)

Facebook is dead, right? Wrong, at least when it comes to sharing content, where Facebook continues to reign supreme. Indeed, according to a new study from ShareThis, Facebook’s “share of shares” grew 8.2 percent in Q4 2014, and was the only platform apart from email to record positive growth.


A New Year, a New Week: Leveraging New Cycles to Engage with Audiences

To lose weight and get fit are perennially among the top goals people set for themselves, and are among the top New Year’s resolutions. However, as any gym-regular will tell you, fitness goals often fall by the wayside, despite an enthusiastic start in the new year – only 8% of people are successful in achieving Read more…