The video gaming industry, and its patrons, have come a long way since games first gained popularity with Atari in the early 1970s. What was once a very singular industry with a very singular audience has grown into a multi billion dollar market with multiple screens, multiple platforms and an extremely widespread consumer base. In fact, we’ve come to the point where game launches are actually rivaling movie launches for consumer attention.



1 in 6 TV Viewers Said to Share Content About Shows Online

Some 16% of TV viewers on average share content about the shows they’re watching online, with these viewers driving an impressive 11% of all online sharing, according to a report [download page] from ShareThis.


Global Data Science Conference

Our VP of Data Science Dr. Yan Qu recently presented at the Global Data Science Conference about our Return on A Share study. “The Conference allows practitioners to discuss data science through effective use of various data management techniques.” Return on a Share is a groundbreaking study that is the first to quantify the monetary Read more…


Monitoring Multiple Files With Unix Tail May Not Work as You Expect

“tail -F” is commonly used to monitor files for updates. Here’s how tail can be used to monitor multiple files at once. $ tail -F file1 file2 The problem with the command above is that the text written to file1 and file2 might not be flushed to disk at new line boundaries. As a result, Read more…


Audience Behavior Transcends TV Viewership

Every month, 46 million viewers in the U.S. generate 153 million social signals about TV shows. That’s 11% of all social activity across the entire web. It’s not all Red Wedding reaction videos and spoiler rants, either; viewers share reviews, recaps, and discuss plot points, contributing to meaningful conversations in a variety of ways. Earlier Read more…


Facebook and smartphones dominate this quarter’s 2015 Consumer Sharing Trends Report

Facebook strengthens its leadership position by changing the way it controls the volume and content for promotional posts in the News Feed. Effective January 2015, users see more stories from friends and Pages and less promotional content (An Update to News Feed: What it Means for Businesses). It’s likely that Facebook’s News Feed adjustment increased Read more…


Mad Game of Sunday

Big news over the weekend, Hillary is throwing her hat in the presidential race. As exciting as that my be, I refused to let the announcement take away from the overly anticipated return of Game of Thrones. I can only imagine that Sunday nights have gotten less stressful as Mad Men’s final season has returned Read more…