Today, ShareThis released the first quarterly Consumer Sharing Trends Report that analyzes consumer sharing behavior across 120+ social channels. The Q3 report offers insights into where and how people are engaging with content online and demonstrates the need to pay attention to platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest, which are growing faster than Facebook, Twitter and email.


So what does it all mean? Digital advertising spend in the first half of 2013 was more than $20 billion and the social ecosystem has become an important marketplace for consumer engagement. However, when brands and advertisers think about social campaigns, they often focus on only two platforms: Facebook and Twitter. This critical mistake can prevent brands from reaching their customers at the most relevant moments on the most relevant platforms.

Because sharing is a clear indicator of consumer interest and intent, understanding sharing behavior across ALL channels has broad implications for advertisers and content providers. The Consumer Sharing Trends Report is a valuable tool to help advertisers understand sharing behavior to more effectively use social media to augment and improve campaigns. At the same time, the report helps content providers see where and how people are sharing their content, which can lead to more engaged readers and larger audiences.

Please email for a PDF copy of the report.

Stay tuned for the Q4 Consumer Sharing Trends Report with complete 2013 data, which will be released in early 2014.