Less steps, more sharing

Introducing a brand new feature that lets users spend more time sharing and less time signing in to their favorite services, all without leaving your site -- FastShare.

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The Benefits of FastShare for Publishers

Faster Sharing.

Yes, the benefit might seem obvious from the name, but here’s why: FastShare enables sharing in fewer steps and with less disruption for users who have previously signed in with ShareThis using OAuth. Visitors to your site who have previously logged-in with their credentials across any of the more than 1 million websites in the ShareThis Publisher Network will automatically see their FastShare options available.

Greater time spent on your site.

FastShare keeps these users on your site throughout the sharing process, rather than taking them away from it each time they share. Yeah!

Sharing, at scale.

FastShare works across all of the top social networks that currently use OAuth, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo! Pulse and Google Buzz. Your signed-in users will immediately see the benefits to the new experience as sharing instantly becomes easier.

PLEASE NOTE: As of July 20th, FastShare will be rolled out across the ShareThis network. If you have implemented our current widget (using buttons.js code), you won’t need to do anything to enable FastShare or the new design elements. If you have the older version of the ShareThis widget (using sharethis.js code) but would like to take advantage of the new features, simply upgrade to the new version here.

Question What is FastShare?
Answer FastShare is a new feature that enables ShareThis to recognize authenticated users across our network of sites, and then enable these users to complete shares with fewer steps and less disruption. The feature utilizes OAuth and takes advantage of the extensive reach of the ShareThis network (over 1mm domains) to help users spend more time sharing, and less time signing in to their favorite services, all without leaving your site.
Question Why should I use FastShare?
Answer The FastShare flow takes place entirely on your site. This helps ensure that users will continue to browse pages on your site without being distracted by activity on the destinations that they are sharing to.

Also, FastShare will enable authenticated users to complete a share with fewer actions than before. Because ShareThis reaches more than 80% of the U.S. Internet population, publishers can take advantage of our network effect - a user that signs in on Site A will remain signed in on Site B. For the publishers, this means less "share abandonment" from users that otherwise would not take the time to sign in, and ultimately lead to more clicks back to your site.
Question How do I add FastShare?
Answer You don't need to do anything! Everyone will get FastShare on 7/19 for most widget versions. If you use sharethis.js on your website, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to buttons.js and take advantage of FastShare and the redesign of our sharing widget.
Question What if I want to disable FastShare?
Answer To disable FastShare, simply add the parameter <script>var useFastShare=false;</script> before the widget code you have on your head tag.
Question What services does FastShare work for?
Answer FastShare works for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo! Pulse and Google Buzz.
Question How will I know FastShare is enabled? For example, If I signed into Facebook earlier in the day on my browser, and clicked a ShareThis widget enabled for FastShare using the same browser, what would happen?
Answer The first time a user begins to share on Facebook using ShareThis, she is prompted to sign in via OAuth (where the user would enter her credentials). After this initial share, the user will see the FastShare “checkmark” next to ShareThis widgets that feature the Facebook sharing option. At this point, the user can share content using FastShare, without ever leaving the website.

If the user uses a different browser, they simply have to authenticate with OAuth again to be able to use FastShare. If the user has cookies disabled, FastShare will not show, and the experience will remain as it is today.
Question Does the user now have to actively sign up for a ShareThis account?
Answer No! Using OAuth, ShareThis will automatically register and create a username and password for who sign into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo! Pulse or Google Buzz. This makes registration quick and automatic.

Once registered, users can share to the destination quickly and easily without having to go through the hassle of signing in again. FastShare will recognize users when they navigate to other sites using ShareThis. Users can always manage their login preferences by going to the Account Section and clicking on 'Linked Accounts' after signing in.
Question Can a user still add comments with FastShare enabled?
Answer Yes. Even though the user stays on the same page while sharing, users can still add comments in a field connected to the expanded widget.
Question How does a user share if they haven't authenticated with ShareThis using OAuth?
Answer For an unauthenticated user, the sharing experience does not change at all. Clicking on the service icon, would take her directly to the destination site to share.
Question Will my users be able to see the FastShare feature if I only have the green ShareThis buttons and/or the Email button on my website?
Answer The behavior of the default green button or the email button does not change. FastShare is designed to take advantage of OAuth solutions offered by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo! Pulse and Google Buzz to allow users to share easily to those services.

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Do you already have the ShareThis widget on your website?

  • Copy the line below:
  • Paste it in your page between the <head> and </head> tags, just before:
    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://w.sharethis.com/button/buttons.js"></script> 
  • Voilà, the new widget shall appear. Try it and let us know what you think.