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Thanks again for choosing to try the new widget. Hope you enjoy using it. And don't forget to let us know your feedback and experience with the new widget!'

BAM! Code! Now just take it and put it on your site and you're good to go. Your users will be able to get social with your content in no time.

But that's not all, we were even thoughtful enough to include some basic instructions about where to put the code on your page. You can click here for detailed FAQs.


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First, insert these lines wherever you want within your newsletter code.
1. Change "INSERT URL" to whatever website holds the shared content.
2. Change "INSERT TITLE" to the title of the article.
3. Change "INSERT SUMMARY" to a short summary of the article.
4. Change "INSERT IMAGE URL" to an image that will be shared with the rest of the content.
5. Change "INSERT DOMAIN NAME" to your domain name.
6. Change "INSERT PUBLISHERID" to your publisher ID (if you have an account, if not, remove "[INSERT PUBLISHERID]" or sign up!)

If you are using this on an email newsletter, make sure you add our sharing buttons to the destination page. This will ensure that you get complete sharing analytics for your page. Make sure you replace "INSERT PUBLISHERID" with your own.

Not the button code you wanted? Click back and start over.

Hopefully this process was pretty painless for you. If you have any feedback about how we could make it easier or make this product really awesome, let us know or follow us @sharethis on twitter!

Top FAQs

Congratulations on getting the ShareThis button code, that entitles you to ask 3 questions. Of course we already knew what you were going to ask, so we prepared the answers:

So now that I've got these sweet sharing buttons on my site, where do I find my analytics?!?
Oh, that's an easy one! You'll need to go into your ShareThis account page (accessible at the top right of this page or any other page on our site) and click on "Sharing reports". From there you can gain all sorts of new insights into your users and the content that matters to them.
So, what's up with this kooky number next to your guys' buttons? Will it make my site more awesome?
That number is what we call Social Reach, and yes, your site will immediately become 200% more awesome once it has the button (Disclaimer: your site's awesomeness increase may vary). Social Reach is a combination of your sites outgoing shared content plus incoming socially referred traffic. We feel like this is the best measure of buzz because it gives you a better idea of how many eyeballs you are getting on your content.
Hey, those are some nifty buttons you just gave me code for, but I'd way rather show my users a Digg button instead an email button! How can I do that?
Well, while we do recommend you offer an email option to your users, we made it super easy to switch out your services. You just have to change one line of code. For example if you change <span class="st_email"> to <span class="st_digg"> then you just changed your email button to a Digg button! If you wanted to get CRAZY you could have added _vcount to the end and made it <span class="st_digg_vcount"> and had a Digg counter button. Awesome, right? If you want to know more click here to see all the other ways to customize your button.
But you didn't know what I was going to ask? I need an answer!
Hey, that's four questions! But, we'll allow it. If we didn't answer your question here, check out the support section.. and then there is always the good old contact form.