Share Buttons

Mobile optimized. Fast, lightweight code. Beautiful.

Our share buttons feature all of the most popular channels, including mobile choices like SMS and WhatsApp. Best of all, they look great on every device and are simple to configure and install.

Empower your visitors:

Mobile Optimized

Our buttons are mobile optimized, enabling visitors to share your content from any device.

Lightning Fast

Our code is lightweight and won’t bog down your site.


Crisp logos at any size. Bold, eye catching colors and labels. Customize a set today to make them your own.

Inline share buttons

Use inline to place buttons at a specific location on a page, such as under headlines.

Get Inline Buttons

Sticky share buttons

Sticky buttons are fixed to the side of the screen on desktop, and the bottom of the screen on mobile.

Get Sticky Buttons


  • Two types of buttons: inline & sticky
  • Mobile optimized
  • Lightweight code
  • Beautiful design
  • Choose from popular social media platforms
  • Customize the alignment, size, shape and number of buttons
  • Multiple button label options
  • Set a minimum number of shares before displaying counts