How to Customize which URL, Text and IMG to Share

Specifying what you want your share buttons to share is one of the most important aspects for your audience. It’s simple to control and easy to implement, learn how to modify them!

How to Configure URL Shortening Services

ShareThis provides an automatic URL shortening service when sharing on the web. The shortened URL service is great to use with social media, especially Twitter, for when those 140 characters are too hard to stay under!

How to Enable and Disable CopyNShare

CopyNShare is part of the widget feature that enables you to track the shares that occur when a user copies and pastes your website’s URL or content. ShareThis adds a special #hashtag or sthash at the end of your address bar URL to keep track of where your content is being shared on the web, from Facebook, Twitter to emails, etc.

Legacy: How to Add Google Analytics

Configuring ShareThis social data into your Google Analytics is easy, and allows you to view ShareThis social events as custom events in your Google Analytics reports.

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS / SSL Support

If you are moving from HTTP to HTTPS, you will need to make two slight changes to the ShareThis code to prevent errors from arising. Both of these changes will be made in the ShareThis javascript section.

Supported Languages on ShareThis

ShareThis’ mission is to provide localization within our widget for all countries. At the time the following list are languages currently supported on ShareThis.

Widget Load

You can change the order in which ShareThis widget loads on the user’s browser. By default the ShareThis widget loader (size: 18 kB) loads as soon as the browser encounters the JavaScript tag; typically in the tag of your page.