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ShareThis empowers publishers with tools to garner social engagement, optimize content and increase traffic. As part of ShareThis Social Solutions, the Web Share API provides sharing capabilities to 120 social destinations and can be integrated with any JavaScript application that accesses the Internet. We recommend our publishers and developers to use the Web Share API together with our Social Share Count API.

Web Share API Methods

  1. Basic Link Sharing API – Share a URL to all supported social destinations by opening a new browser tab.
  2. URL shortening – Returns a shortened URL based on the ShareThis shortening system.

Use the Web Share API on Your Website

To use the Web Share API on your website, you need to install the ShareThis javascript first. While the API is not dependent on the javascript, the logging capabilities that enable social counts, require the use of the script.

1. Basic Link Sharing API

This is the most basic method of sharing a link to social destination. A new browser tab is opened to redirect the user to the share endpoint of the chosen social network.


Parameter Description Requirement
destination Selected social destination string (required)
url The URL of the page. Important Note: The URL and title parameters must be url encoded. string (required)
title The title of the page; if no title is specified than the URL becomes the default title string (optional)

2. URL Shortening

Shortens the URL by using the ShareThis shortener. Note: You can use other popular shortening services, but ShareThis will be unable to provide deeper analytics on the social behavior of your shared content.


Parameter Description Requirement
url Source URL to shorten string (required)

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