Shares surrounding events are 5x more likely to draw clickbacks within 24 hours. That’s a huge opportunity for marketers considering RTM strategies. Connecting with the right audiences at the right time allows marketers to tap into major swells in social engagement. But as we’ve found, RTM isn’t a “set it and forget it” affair. Sharing patterns around certain events can’t be predicted any more than the events themselves can be predicted. That’s why it’s especially important to rope in audience segmentation and media delivery with your RTM strategies, not just messaging.


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Spotlight on Spotify: To Share or Not to Share?

It’s been a crazy month for Spotify. On November 3rd, the site was forced into defending itself, along with an integral part of the current music industry, when Taylor Swift pulled her entire catalogue from the social streaming site claiming that Spotify’s free distribution of music devalued her art. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek responded in Read more…


Data Doesn’t Lie, ShareThis’ Sexiest Man Alive

ShareThis has some incredible things going on this week! We hired Wade Rifkin to head up our programmatic partnerships, we re-skinned our widget and Dr. Yan wrote a brilliant piece about transforming Big Data into Smart Data. And it’s only Thursday! As I was getting ready for work yesterday, my interest peaked when the Today Read more…


This #TechTuesday, Learn How to Transform Big Data into Smart Data

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have radically transformed how we find, consume and share information. Online sharing has fundamentally altered and redefined every element of communications. All of our online social activity generates data about our likes, dislikes, interests, feelings and much more.

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New ShareThis Multi-Post Widget

Do you have the Multi-Post Widget? If so, you may notice a few changes this week. Now, your users will experience a different flow when sharing your content via email.  To share via email, users must first click the icon with the 3 dots. Users will then click on the email icon Users choose their Read more…

Wade Rifkin VP Programmatic

Shared Conversations Series with Wade Rifkin, VP Programmatic

We are very excited that this month’s Shared Conversations is with Wade Rifkin, the new VP of Programmatic Partnerships at ShareThis. Formerly VP, Programmatic at DigitasLBI, Wade brings 10+ years of agency experience working with Fortune 500 brands to enhance consumer experience and engagement. A pioneer in the programmatic space, his recent work integrating media, Read more…

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Who Really Broke the Internet?

November 12th is a day that will go down in history for two major cultural events; the Rosetta Spacecraft and Philae lander successfully landed on the surface of a comet…and social media sensation Kim Kardashian revealed her greatest asset in a controversial issue of Paper Magazine. The magazine was issued with the ironic title, “Break Read more…

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Multi-KPI Optimization for Campaigns

The digital advertising industry is dynamic and versatile in terms of which KPIs measure the success of various campaigns. The KPIs vary from impression, click, viewability, brand lift to conversion. More and more campaigns contain multi-KPI goals. Besides optimizing each individual KPI for campaigns, the ShareThis RTB platform employs the data-driven multi-KPI optimization to meet various Read more…


Sharing Predictive of Election Outcomes

The Republicans took the Senate on Tuesday in an unsurprising yet aggressive sweep, winning nearly every highly contested race and furthermore gaining control of both houses of Congress. What may come as more of a surprise, though, is that our data could have been used as a predictive measure for most of these races. In Read more…


Flipboard Added to ShareThis Sharing Tools

We recently added Flipboard as one of the 120+ social sharing channels in our network. They are a platform for consumers to discover, consume and share content in personal, digital magazines. The company decided to move toward this social sharing integration in order to make the aggregation and curation of content easier for their consumers. Read more…


ShareThis Appoints A Programmatic VP

ShareThis, the purveyor of a social share button spanning a wide swath of publisher sites and channels, on Tuesday appointed Wade Rifkin as its VP of Programmatic Partnerships. Rifkin came from agency DigitasLBI, where he was VP of Programmatic.