Shared Conversations Series

For September’s Shared Conversation series, we sat down with Andy Monfried, CEO of Lotame, the Data Management Platform (DMP). The seven-year-old business focuses on managing huge amounts of data on behalf of publishers, agencies and brands. Lotame’s platform helps clients collect, organize and activate data to drive business results. Andy discusses his interpretation of “big Read more…


Top Shares 9-25-2014 Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike Sparks Fly in First ‘Gone Girl’ Clip (Video)  The infamous book is shortly premiering in theaters with Ben Affleck, and semi-newcomer Rosamund Pike. There are conflicting views on the trailer, but viewers agree that the two stars are smoldering in this first clip. Do you think the movie will Read more…


Report: The sharing, buying connection

Turns out sharing via social media has a strong connection to later purchases, at least for one demographic. Researchers with ShareThis have found that for Millennials sharing and buying are very closely linked.


Millennials More Likely to Purchase What They Share on Social

Many in the marketing industry say Millennials are harder to reach than any other age group, as they are less responsive to advertising. But is that really true? ShareThis’ new report about Millennials’ digital sharing and consumption habits suggests that brands can crack the code of marketing to this “elusive” generation if they know what they like to share on social media.


What and When Millennials Share on Social Media

Millennials (18-34) are far more likely than the general population to share content on social networks and to click on shared content, details ShareThis in a new study of the sharing habits of Millennials.

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Compression & Data Format for Log File Storage

Every technology company is now storing logs for future processing. The easy advice is to use compression and make sure logs are complete and usable by everyone. But what compression format should these log files be in? There is a bewildering range of compression options – LZ0, Snappy, Gzip, Bzip2 etc., and multiple formats in Read more…


Top Shares 9-17-2014 Anheuser-Busch criticizes NFL: ‘We are not satisfied’ In the wake of the recent Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson domestic violence incidents it was only a matter of time before an NFL sponsor spoke out against how the league has been handling these situations. And this wasn’t just any brand sponsor, it was Anheuser-Busch — Read more…

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Drinking H2O for Data Scientists

Those of us who have been working in the machine-learning field understand the pain of training a large-scale machine-learning (ML) algorithm using big data. In the past, I have tried a few popular tools such as Apache Mahout, Vowpal Wabbit, and parallel R packages such as RMR. Speaking from my own experience, installing or using those Read more…


Summer Music Festival Recap

Music festivals – essentially a hotbed of millennials with disposable income – have become prime ad spots for brands to hone in on their favorite demographic. We looked at online engagement surrounding some of the most popular summer music festivals from April to August and found that the majority of content shared was actually about Read more…