Q2 2014 Consumer Sharing Trends Report Reveals New Insights Into the Devices, Channels and Topics that Drive Social Sharing

The “Year of Mobile” has been upon the industry for some time now. Despite this, it seems that consumers still haven’t integrated mobile into their lives at the expected pace. However, the Q2 2014 Consumer Sharing Trends Report which we released today provides evidence that we haven’t been crying wolf; mobile stock is finally soaring. The rate at which consumers have adapted to mobile and social has been astonishing, and our report takes a look at the devices, channels, topics and demographics driving the mobile sharing revolution. We offer actionable insights to help marketers and publishers engage their audiences who are sharing on the go. (more…)

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Lightweight Remote Execution Framework for Ops Automation

Promising reliability and availability of services to a large production environment requires large scale automation. Automation includes deploying packages reliably, restarting services, health checking services for failovers etc. Any production environment can be vaguely defined as heterogenous clusters, each running homogeneous apps within. A well organized organization will have one of the clusters as an Read more…


Top Shares 7-18-2014

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Balaji Gopinath Media Camp

Shared Conversations Series

For this month’s edition of Shared Conversations, we’re shifting our focus to spotlight the technology side of the business. We spoke with Balaji Gopinath, VP Emerging Technology at Turner Broadcasting, to delve into how technology is affecting the evolution of media. Read on to learn more about Balaji’s exciting work with Media Camp, the first Read more…


New from ShareThis and AT&T: Text to Share Button

We are seeing tremendous growth in direct peer-to-peer social sharing spurred by the popularity of WhatsApp and similar platforms. With the momentum behind mobile, texting and sharing, we understand what publishers need to make these platforms work for them. Today we’re thrilled to announce that ShareThis has partnered with AT&T to create the AT&T Text Read more…


Pinterest Ramps Up E-Commerce Features

Pinterest continues to boost its e-commerce services in order to help brands further engage with consumers. Shortly after it designed a new Follow button for brands, the platform has unveiled another new feature to make brands’ pins more discoverable.


Pinning? Bet You’re Doing It on Mobile

eMarketer estimates that 40.1 million US consumers will use Pinterest via any device at least monthly this year—and based on recent data, it’s likely that most of this activity will take place on mobile. According to Q2 2014 research by ShareThis, US internet users logging on to Pinterest via mobile were three times more likely to pin than desktop users.


Which Content Categories Are Being Shared on Which Social Networks?

Social sharing via mobile devices continues to the rise, with sharing from smartphones and tablets in Q2 growing by 19% from Q1, when they first accounted for a majority of social sharing actions (sharing of website content such as articles, photos and videos via social networks).


Which Content Is Being Shared More On Which Networks

ShareThis has released results from its Q2 2014 Consumer Sharing Trends Report, looking at sharing behavior across social channels on desktop and mobile devices. It found that mobile sharing is “dramatically” outpacing desktop sharing with sharing from smartphones and tablets growing over 30% compared to a 5% decline in desktop sharing.


Sharing On Twitter And Pinterest Leans Mostly Mobile

By now it’s clear that mobile and social have become more than a shotgun marriage. Findings from comScore last month showed that more than 70% of time spent in social media takes place on mobile devices (including tablets). And total mobile engagement on social is up 55% in the last year.