One of ShareThis’ guiding principles is to give our users and publishers complete and clear information on how we collect data, and to let people know, in simple terms, how they can manage their privacy choices.

Our Guiding Principles

  1. Be transparent.

    ShareThis believes in sharing our data practices with our publishers, consumers and advertisers. In short, our goal is to give consumers tools that help them manage their data and privacy decisions. As our products and services evolve, we have introduced additional opt out tools to give consumers immediate and greater flexibility to take control of their privacy online.

  2. Respect the user.

    ShareThis believes that when a consumer opts out of being tracked, they are opted out. Period. We don’t re-cookie. We don’t use Flash cookies – and never have. Our privacy policy explains how our opt out tool works.

  3. Be involved.

    ShareThis is actively involved in complying with and contributing to privacy and data collection best practices. We support the goals of groups like Evidon and we are an active member of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), which has been monitoring and publishing articles on privacy and is actively involved in providing clarification about the position of online publishers in Washington. ShareThis is a participating network with the Network Advertising Initiative. ShareThis also has a chief privacy officer and employs privacy specialists who are actively involved in pursuing best practices.

  4. Be social, not personal.

    ShareThis also has a chief privacy officer and employs privacy specialists who are actively involved in pursuing best practices. Be social, not personal. Our goal is to keep your personal information that you give us confidential. When you sign up for our services and give us your email address, we do not share this information with third parties for marketing. Generally, data used in our services is observed in aggregate*. This principle also applies to how we engage with advertisers. We are in the business of understanding social behavior across the web, but we do not share usage information with any third party and we do not sell access to our raw data. ShareThis does not use or share with any third parties sensitive health-related or finance-related data that we collect and which could be considered Personally Identifiable Information.

  5. Protect the publisher.

    At ShareThis, our publishers are at the heart of everything we do. When we collect aggregate sharing trend information, we do it to help them increase the value of their social audiences. We save aggregate data anonymously for up to twelve months, but only for publisher analytics purposes. We ask our publishers – and our publishers ask us – to agree to keep information about our respective users confidential.

We Do

  • Give our users choices.
  • Respect our users’ choice to opt out.
  • Respect the publisher’s data choices.
  • Collect only aggregate, anonymous data.*
  • Sell anonymized sharing and influence segments.

We Don’t

  • Share information about our users in a way that can identify them individually.*
  • Re-cookie a user when they’ve opted out.
  • Use Flash cookies.
  • Track keyboard entries made by users on their devices.
  • Allow advertisers to buy publisher audiences by domain.
  • Sell raw data, individual sites or consumers.

We believe that providing you targeted and relevant advertising enhances your internet experience. If however, you prefer that we do not use cookies to collect information about your browsing pattern for the purpose of delivering targeted advertising, you may opt out.

If you have any questions, please read the privacy policy or email us at I am personally reading the emails.

Keep Sharing!

Kurt Abrahamson
CEO, ShareThis

*For people who sign in using ShareThis or third party registration, email addresses and other information are used only to send a share on behalf of the user. Regardless of whether a user has opted out of any advertising cookies, ShareThis will not use registration data to sell to third parties or provide this information to others to target advertising. Any information that is shared to provide our services are in the “aggregate”, meaning that we provide information based on categories, not identifying individual users.

Last Updated 18 July 2013