Reach Your Most Engaged Audience

Drive marketing performance with ShareThis dynamic global interest data

Connect With Your Best Customers

Marketers deliver value to consumers through relevance and timeliness.  ShareThis observes and captures consumers’ constantly changing interests, passions, needs, lifestyles and preferences across devices in real time.  Armed with these most recent signals, you can reach those most likely to be in market for your product and services.

Reach Your Target Audience at Scale

Most social data lies in ‘walled gardens.’ ShareThis collects data from over 4.5M publisher websites across the globe, resulting in billions of dynamic social signals. Mold your marketing strategy around the largest social data set – in scale and scope – with a holistic view of your target across all of your digital media channels.

Trust ShareThis for Privacy Compliance

ShareThis ensures privacy compliance through privacy, legal, and self-regulatory processes – as well as through ethical relationships and practices with our publishers. To learn more about ShareThis privacy practices, click on this link.


Access ShareThis Segments with Ease

ShareThis makes the world’s social data accessible in real-time when and where it counts to you and your brand. Build and distribute your target audience across the digital marketing ecosystem through your agency, platform, DSP or DMP of choice. 

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