You know about Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But what about those other channels that readers might be using to share your content — like Digg, StumbleUpon, Xing, Reddit, and Delicious?

If those just sound like made-up words to you, that’s because, well … okay, they are. But they’re also important platforms that your audience might be using. And if your readers know about them, then you should, too.

So let’s give Facebook and Twitter a rest for a second, and take a look at some of these lesser-known social sharing sites — including tips on how you can use them to grow your audience.

1. Digg

Digg is where trending content goes to reach even more readers. With over 17 million visits each month, the news aggregator site uses social data and human editors to curate the most talked-about stories on the Internet.

Featured verticals include “Technology,” “Science,” “Donald Trump,” “News,” and “Entertainment.” So if any of your content fits into those categories, you should keep your eye on Digg.

2. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a quirky site that lives up to its name. After a user hits the red “Stumble” button, she’s presented with a random web page based on her interests. Those interests include over 25 categories, such as “Arts,” “Conspiracies,” “Humor,” and “Nature.”

For example, after selecting “Health” as an interest, I stumbled upon this article:

If a user likes the page provided, she can then click the “Thumbs up” button. This will save the link so she can visit it again later; it will also help StumbleUpon provide more relevant recommendations going forward.

If this sounds like something your readers would enjoy, add the StumbleUpon share button to your site with just a few clicks.

3. Xing

If you have European readers who are looking to advance their careers, Xing should be on your radar. Just like LinkedIn, this site is a social networking platform for business professionals. The difference is that while most LinkedIn users come from the US, Xing’s largest audiences are based in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Specifically, 34% of Xing users have a university degree, and 27% work in IT, finance, or trade services. In fact, according to Xing, the typical user is between 20 and 49 years old and is interested in the latest technology, financial investments, and travel news.

To reach these engaged audiences, consider adding a Xing share button to your website.

4. Reddit

Known as “the front page of the Internet,” Reddit is the perfect platform for reaching niche audiences. The link aggregate site is ranked as the eighth most popular website in the world, racking up nearly 1.3 billion monthly visits.

According to the Pew Research Center, 78% of redditors get their news on the site. And most of those users are men between the ages of 18 and 29. Essentially, they get their stories from other redditors, who can share links, and then upvote, downvote, or comment on those links. The more upvotes a post receives, the higher it remains on the page. Trending posts even get bumped up to the homepage.

That’s not the only way to be seen on reddit, however. You just need to provide content that people can share on their favorite subreddits, which cover areas of interest like politics, NBA, gaming, and technology.

In fact, with over 11,000 unique subreddits out there, it’s pretty safe to say that if your site covers a certain topic, there’s a subreddit for it. That’s why —no matter what you publish — it’s a good idea to add a Reddit button to your website.

5. Delicious

Despite its name, Delicious isn’t a food app. It’s a social bookmarking site for finding, saving, and sharing your favorite links. Reaching over 200 countries across the globe, Delicious “remembers so you don’t have to.”

With just a click, users can add links to their bookmarklet and tag them with their own keywords. They can then use these tags to organize their links and share them with others. For instance, maybe you’ve saved five links about basketball, and now you want to see what other people are reading on this topic. Just enter the tag on the site, and you’ll be greeted with a fresh list of new stories that caught people’s attention across the web.

Empower readers with social share buttons

If you’re worried that you’re not doing enough with these social channels, don’t fret. An easy solution is to place social media buttons on your site. This way, readers who love these platforms can start sharing content right from your page.

It’s just your way of saying, “Hey, we know you might like these channels. And we want to make it easier for you to share your favorite stories on them.”

Ready to give readers the tools they need to spread the word about your content? Add share buttons to your site today. All you have to do is choose your channels, pick a design, and add the code. Your audience can take it from there.

Get Share Buttons

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